About me

What other people are saying about my work.

K M Strange is an author, comedienne, and one of the most up and coming influences in Erotica today.’ – K. M. Strange

‘I can take or leave her work.’ – K. M. Strange’s Mum

‘Have you fed our son yet?’ – Mr. Strange

Hello. My name is K M Strange, and I’m an erotic author from London, England.

Before I wrote this, I actually googled what to write in an author bio. Oh don’t look so disapproving; everyone does it…Right?

Anyway, one of the first things that was suggested was to mention your credentials for writing about your chosen topic. 

Ahem. I would like to think I’m not, like, over-qualified to write Erotica. I’m equally not under-qualified – just so we’re clear. I can honestly say that before I started writing I did a lot of research. Years and years of it in fact. Researching the craft I mean, not the content.

Although I’ve researched some of that too…I’m getting off track.

I studied Journalism at university and though I didn’t pursue it in any career, it did give me a healthy fascination with the power of stories and narratives, and a respect for the art of writing.

As soon as I actually put my first story together, I was hooked! I love creating characters and scenarios and seeing where they take me. I genuinely never know exactly what’s going to happen when I start a story (other than the obvious) and I feel like I get to enjoy the journey my characters take with them.

When I write, my main motivation is exploring human interactions; how our emotions affect our actions. I love delving in to the effect that eroticism and fetishes have on our psyche, and I’ve actually unearthed some interesting things about my own preferences along the way. 

I hope you enjoy my stories, I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Though, as the old saying goes, ‘Be gentle, it’s my first time.’