About me

What other people are saying about my work.

K M Strange is an author, comedienne, and one of the most up and coming influences in Erotica today.’ – K. M. Strange

‘I can take or leave her work.’ – K. M. Strange’s Mum

‘Have you fed our son yet?’ – Mr. Strange

Hello. My name is K M Strange, and I’m an erotic author from London, England.

I know what you’re thinking, just who is this devilishly charming, oddly-sexy-even-though-I-don’t-know-what-she-looks-like writer? What makes her think she’s skilled enough to get me off through fiction?

Well, I would like to think I’m not, like, over-qualified to write Erotica. I’m equally not under-qualified – just so we’re clear. I can honestly say that before I started writing erotica I gained a lot of experience. Years and years of it in fact. Experience in the craft I mean, not the content.

Although I’ve gained some skills in that area too…

I’m getting off track.

I am a journalist by trade, and my career has given me a healthy fascination with the power of words and narratives, and a profound respect for the art of writing.

As soon as I put my first story together, I was hooked! I love creating characters and scenarios and seeing where they take me. I genuinely never know exactly what’s going to happen when I start a story (other than the obvious) and I feel like I get to enjoy the journey my characters take with them.

When I write, my main motivation is exploring human interactions; how our emotions affect our actions. I love delving in to the effect that eroticism and fetishes have on our psyche, and I’ve actually unearthed some interesting things about my own preferences along the way.

When I’m not writing, you can usually find me sitting in a cafe over-looking Camden Locke and enviously people watching the ‘scene kids’ and muttering about how I was also cool once.

Anyway I hope you enjoy my stories, I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback. If you want to get in touch, my deets (that’s right, I’m cool enough to use abbreaves.)

(Abreaves?) (abreevz?) (Dammit…)

…are in the contacts page.

Take care,