Mind Over Mattress

So, I’m currently working on a story all about a woman stuck in a cabin with a huge guy. Not just big, but like, beastly if you will.

Now, we all had our princesses as girls, and I was Belle. As a child, I thought I liked talking clocks. As a teen, I realised what I actually liked, was the idea of a big, strong, slightly scary man beast.

I thought that meant that this was just my type, even my husband is very much that ‘alpha male’ body shape; tall, broad shouldered, oddly possessive of certain wings of the house. But as I’ve gotten older, that perception has started to shift a little.

As an adult, I find I’m far more aroused by mental dominance than physical dominance. The fact is, I’m 5ft 3in, not a big girl. Not even a big hobbit, for that matter. It doesn’t take much for a man to overpower me physically. (I’d like to note I have taken a few guys out with a pretty effective right hook, though.) I suppose it’s just not as impressive when a man is all muscle.

But I do consider myself to be an intelligent person, and as I’ve gotten older, I find I’m more and more turned on by mental prowess. This is a little hard to explain, luckily Mr Strange is an impressive specimen in this category too.

There are times when Mr Strange has done little more than talk to me, lowering his tone, captivating me with his piercing gaze… and convinced me that not only do I want him to fuck me, I need it. That’s what really gets me hot. When a man (or woman in my younger days) could use my own arousal against me. Could tempt my kinky side out and make me behave like the submissive slut I am deep down.

So tell me, dear readers, what is it that gets you hot and heavy: brain or brawn? Do you want to be thrown against the wall and taken? Or talked down on to your knees?

And to those of you on the other side, what’s your most effective technique? Do you throw your lover over your shoulder and carry them to bed? Or do you whisper sweet degradation and make them thank you with their undying physical devotion?

Plutarch said, ‘Remember, the mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.’ I would argue the same could be said of other areas too.

Thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “Mind Over Mattress

  1. I must say Mr Strange sounds like a delightful individual, hope I can find my own someday! I think I’m definetly more of a I love a brawny guy, someone who can throw me around the bedroom kinda girl.
    As always loved reading your post! Always a good read!


  2. I quite like the idea of lifting my wife over my shoulder and carrying her up to bed. Such behaviour would go well with my bald and bearded look. I think I need to work on those bench presses first…


    1. Haha, Sounds like you have the look down pat! In my experience, there’s no better way to start an evening than being fireman carried in to the bedroom. Assuming of course the house isn’t actually on fire, then you really need to be heading to the designated fire assembly point. Safety first people!


  3. The power of a strange mind is the best attraction for me. That’s why I read books about killers. They have no limit in their minds and that is very attractive for me. I like to know their thoughts and find why they do something. I had a Psychopath friend and he was very strange in his thoughts. Nobody else was like him and we talked about so many strange things but after I left him because he was destructive for me. 😟

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    1. I completely get that! Characters like The Phantom of the Opera or Hannibal Lecter always fascinated me as a teen. Much like a bonfire though, one must watch and enjoy from a distance and resist the urge to get close enough to get burnt! It’s easier said than done sometimes though 😏

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