What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Ah, Tina. You were so full of wisdom and hairspray- though I somehow doubt you were pondering the same things as me when you wrote that particular song.

So, I’ve just uploaded my latest story, ‘Her Favourite Teacher,’ and I have to say, it wasn’t what I expected.

When I write a story, I try not to plan it out too thoroughly, preferring instead to have a basic outline and allow it to progress organically. As I get to know my characters, begin to understand their personalities, it affects the storyline. I want to do right by these people I create by letting them lead me in the directions that feel right for them.

Usually, this works very well, and I find that I’m able to predict these directions fairly easily. This story, however, really took me by surprise. When you’re writing a short story, you need to balance storyline, character development, and, of course, detailed sex scenes in a very limited word count. As the story started to unfold, I found the characters had a lot more emotional depth than I expected, and as a result, the two protagonists started to have strong feelings for each other. This was not the outcome I expected for these two, given the circumstances, but if I tried to steer away, it just felt forced and tacky. It begs the question; how much call is there for love in erotica? Apparently, the answer is…some.

So, Her Favourite Teacher was published, a totally different piece than I had anticipated. I almost feel like I got hijacked by my own characters, like a reluctant parent having to stand back and ‘let the kids try it their way.’

Still, I like how it came out. I’ll be interested in people’s reactions to it; the whole thing was a very different style for me, and maybe my subconscious is trying to guide me in to developing my craft a little.

Or maybe I’ll be ostracised and kicked out of the Amazon Erotic Writers club forever!

Nah, probably not. There’s no such thing.

Anyway, if any of you readers decide to give it a go, let me know what you think! Alternatively, The Wife and the Call Girl has just gone on a limited-time free promotion so if school girls aren’t your thing, maybe I can entice you with a little BDSM three-way? In the book of course – not in real life. My husband and I are very busy this weekend.

Remember, tv rots your brain. So, read some erotica instead!

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